Domestic Violence Stories: Threaded

Inspired by a traditional south asian blanket Nakshi Kantha, to tell the stories of Domestic Violence within South Asian Community, through weaving.  
I wanted to take the chance to voice out this issue that is silenced within the community I am part of, as my Final Major Project.
Introduction & Exhibition
Introducing the project and the idea behind Domestic Violence Stories:Threaded and Exhibition of all the work produced, in the weaving event. 

6 case studies


TV AD: Channel S 
A channel popular among the South Asian Community, as it's main language is Bangla and it would be promoting a weaving event, which would help to speak up about the issue. 


Using Evening Standard and EastEnd Life to publish a promotion about the exhibition.
The EastEnd life is a community based newspaper, which reports news within East London.  A newspaper to reach out to the South Asian Community.
Social Media


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