Insight: Domestic Violence Stories: Threaded

Inspired by a traditional south Asian blanket Nakshi Kantha, to tell the stories of Domestic Violence within the South Asian Community through weaving.  
With this project, it was a chance to voice and create awareness over a topic the community is reluctantly having a conversation about, despite the impact it has on them. Furthermore, it's project-based around a community I belong to, as part of my Final Major Project.
Introduction & Exhibition
Introducing the project and the idea behind Domestic Violence Stories:Threaded and Exhibition. 

6 case studies


TV AD: Channel S 
Colors is a channel widely popular among the South Asian Community, hosting dramas and reality shows, a perfect channel to advertise the weaving project to create more awareness of what is happening within their areas. 


Using Evening Standard and EastEnd Life to publish an advertisement about the exhibition.
The EastEnd life is a community-based newspaper, which reports news within East London. A newspaper to reach out to the South Asian Community. The London Evening Standard covers other areas of London where there is a South Asian Community present. 
Social Media

Exhibition Booklet

Brief: Raise awareness of Domestic Violence within the South Asian Community and tell the Victims stories